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Because your career's too important to leave to chance!

Are you struggling to work through a career transition? Perhaps you're mid-career and looking for a promotion or a change. Maybe you're over 50 and feel like you're being aged out. Or perhaps you're trying to find your first job. How do we figure out if a change is needed and what that change should be? How do we make it happen? That's where 925 Resources comes in with coaching programs to help you navigate your career transition with confidence.


There are times when nothing beats having someone there to deliver an interactive, high-energy, informative and practical training session or workshop.


You wouldn’t try to learn another language or take up a new sport without some help. Managing your career is no different. There are times when we all could use some help.

Keynote Presentations

For audiences large and small, Helen’s high-energy keynote presentations are engaging and informative.

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This workshop is for you if: 

You are ready to take control of your career and its direction
You need to a start a new search or start your own business
You are stuck and you're looking for actionable steps


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