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Performance and Transition Coaching

Jobs, like clothes, aren't always a good fit for us. Sometimes we need to grow into the role and sometimes we need a change. Either way, it can feel uncomfortable, especially if we're trying to figure out what to do on our own.

We can feel discouraged, stuck and sometimes even fearful. How do we learn to manage up? To manage a team? To delegate? How do we develop leadership or become a more effective leader?

How do we figure out if a change is needed and what that change should be?

That's where 925 Resources can help.


There are times when nothing beats having someone there to deliver an interactive, high-energy, informative and practical training session or workshop.


You wouldn’t try to learn another language or take up a new sport without some help. Managing your career is no different. There are times when we all could use some help.

Keynote Presentations

For audiences large and small, Helen’s high-energy keynote presentations are engaging and informative.

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How can we help?

Starting in 2019, a new program Career Transformation for 50+ …Retirement Reimagined — Individual and group-coaching for people, 50+ who want to make the next chapter of their work life meaningful and fulfilling. For more information or email helen@925resources.com 





Whether you want to improve your performance in your current role or explore other options, we can help. Work with us and we’ll help you discover your strengths, find work or carve a new path. We’ll make sure your confidence is high and your personal brand is shiny.  Let’s chat and find out what’s possible.



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