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Helen wants to help people to achieve their full potential.

It’s about discovering your strengths and crafting a career plan that allows you to use them every single day. It can be about transitions. Is it time? What’s next? How do I get from here to there?

Why work with a coach? In a word: results.

In this conversation on The Successful Bookkeeper, Helen and Michael Palmer discuss the benefits of working with a coach. Check it out. 

Working with Helen means you’re working with someone with extensive experience, in both coaching and in business. She uses The Four Windows Process, an approach to coaching that has proven results, and is the author of a book on career planning.

Helen set about creating a relationship that was comfortable, open and sincere. A great listener, she was genuinely curious, attentive and an active learner too. She focused on future possibilities..”        

Ranjit Bhaskar, Journalist

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Helen is an Senior Associate Coach with The Business Success Coach Network and John McKee and Associates, international coaching organizations serving the needs of companies, organizations and individuals.

The Four Windows Process