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A Selection of Client Testimonials

“Job searching can be a discouraging, difficult and time consuming task, especially for new international professional immigrants. Sometimes we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Helen gave me lots of encouragement and constructive suggestions throughout the process, including revising my resume, LinkedIn professional profile, coaching me on new job search strategies, and so on.

Helen helped me to figure it out what my career objective is, what my competencies and accomplishments are as well as what my dream job is and where my passion is.”  

Kevin Lee Sales Executive Toronto September 13, 2015

“Helen is among the unassuming but powerful individuals who make Canada a leader in the extensive development of mentoring and peer support.  As a letter writer to the Globe and Mail recently pointed out, unparalleled innovations like this receive too little attention but have much more to do with progress and how Canadians relate to each other.”  

Ranjit Bhaskar Journalist Toronto January 13, 2015

'Helen's workshop helped to draw out the needs and wisdom of both those just a few years' into their professional career and those who had been mentors many times over. As a result, we gained a better understanding on how to search for, establish and nurture a fruitful mentorship that would benefit both mentor and mentee.'


Melissa Lobo, Toronto April 22, 2016

I was so luck to find Helen through Twitter. She's a caring, helpful, incredibly understanding individual.   She has been a brilliant mentor and coach, encouraging, inspiring and motivating. As well she has been supportive and gave me a real focus by carefully explaining the road map for achieving my goals and eventual career. With me being in the London/UK and Helen in Toronto/Canada, the regular 1-1 Skype interaction and email support was never compromised and the communication was excellent.

Who would have thought that having a coach / mentor would transform my mind, positivity and focus into a vibrant, thought provoking, highly communicative person, looking to fulfil my potential by applying to lots of interesting and varied job roles?


David M. England October 13, 2017